Free Training Seminar

Thursday October 8th @ 7:30 pm

“Why does my dog do _____?” “How can I get my dog to _____?” Here’s your chance to get these questions and many more answered! Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center will be hosting a dog training seminar.  This is your opportunity to learn correct dog training principles from our nationally recognized professional trainers.
Training topics will include……
Timing, motivation, consistency, situations, directions, how to train for reliable stays, house-training, unwanted behaviors (jumping, chewing, digging, biting, etc.)
Explanations as to why dogs become aggressive, fearful, dominant, and submissive, as well as discussions on how to create a respectful, confident, well behaved, happy dog.  You will learn exactly why your dog does what he or she does.
*Space is limited. Seminar is for pet parents only.

Call to reserve your spot today!

Agility Foundation Training Class

November 7th @ 11:30am


This 5 week class will give you and your dog a solid foundation of agility skills needed whether you’re looking to participate in competitions or just want an outlet for fun and exercise with your pet for only $129.95. We will introduce agility equipment in a safe and fun way. Obstacles included are : jumps, tire, tunnel, dog walk, A frame, weave poles, table, and see-saw.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. No prerequisites to enrollment

For additional information or to sign up please call 713-413-1633!