4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean Between Grooming Appointments

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Pet Resort

If you began the season with a wash, brush-out, and haircut, you may quickly discover that the spring showers have wrecked your attempt to freshen up your pup, and maybe your entire house. Don’t worry, we’ve got some fantastic ideas to keep your dog feeling like they’ve just stepped out of Meadowlake’s salon until their next grooming appointment.

Brush Regularly
Brushing your dog on a regular basis eliminates dead hair, distributes natural oils for a clean and healthy coat, stimulates the skin’s surface, removes dead and dry skin, and helps you get to know your dog’s body. Regardless of the length of your dog’s coat, you should brush them every couple of days.

Get Some Waterless Shampoo
A bottle of waterless shampoo will help your dog (and your house) stay clean. This foamy product may be applied straight to your dog or put on a towel to spot clean your pup as needed. Cleaning a dog’s muzzle with waterless shampoo is ideal, especially after an afternoon spent digging in the yard. Wipe away the traces of their misadventures with a tiny quantity of the product applied to a wet towel.

Buy Washable Bedding or Pet Covers
Look for pet beds that include a washable cover, or use old sheets to cover dog beds, couches, and other furniture. The ability to wash their coverings and bedding will help to maintain your furniture and reduce the accumulation of unwanted odors.

Freshen Up After Being Outdoors
If your dog has a doggie door or another means to go outdoors without you, lay a mat or an old towel to help wipe their feet. You may also keep a small pail of waterless shampoo and towels by the front entrance for fast clean-ups after walks. Again, you can wash these products as often as necessary. Many pet retailers sell a range of fashion-forward rugs, allowing you to choose a rug that may serve as both an accessory and a useful way to keep your dog clean.


We hope that these pointers will assist you in keeping your pet clean until their next visit to Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center. However, we understand that messes happen, or sometimes a pooch simply needs a little pampering, either way don’t hesitate to book your pet’s next spa day with us any time!