5 Festive Pet-Proofing Tips for the Holidays

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Dog Boarding

1. Secure The Holiday Tree
The tree itself, as well as the surrounding Christmas decorations, can be dangerous and even deadly in some cases, according to vets and pet safety experts. Try placing the tree in a tall pot or up on a high pedestal to make it harder for pets to tip the tree over, drink the water, or take an interest in low-hanging decorations.

2. Stabilize and Secure Your Decor
While we want to share all the wonderfulness of the holiday season with our furry friends make sure decorations you put up are inaccessible to pets. Whether it’s lodging the tree in a sturdy position or tacking wreaths and garlands securely, the idea is to keep stuff in a spot that won’t be accessible to your playful pets.

3. Avoid Dangerous Plants & Decorations
Avoid doggy dilemmas and cat caused catastrophes by avoiding real seasonal house plants, glittery tinsel and ribbons.

4. Use Safe Decor 
Paper, cotton, or fabric based ornaments and decor are a safe alternative to glass, seasonal plants, or other hazardous materials for pets.

5. Consider Boarding Your Pets
With the tumultuous hustle and bustle and the arduous holiday preparations, avoid the worry of disastrous run-ins with decor by boarding your pet at a resort like Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center.