5 Hair-raising Benefits of De-Shedding Services for Dogs

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Dog Grooming

De-shedding has several advantages for both you and your dog!

    1. Avoid unpleasant matting! De-shedding aids in the natural shedding process. While it won’t be able to remove all of the undercoat, it will help protect your pet from unexpected and painful mats. 
    2. Avoid hidden hot spots! De-shedding helps prevent hot spots by drawing out natural oils released by a dog’s skin and fur. 
    3. Become familiar with your pet’s skin & coat! Regular de-shed grooming appointments can help you become familiar with your dog’s skin so you can spot any differences. Some bumps are normal, but if you see one that isn’t, catching it early might save your pet’s life.
    4. Avoid hairy scary furniture and clothes! The more hair you can brush off your dog, the less hair you’ll have drifting around your house, on your furniture, and on your clothes. When you deshed your dog, you’re assisting them in removing hair that might otherwise wind up everywhere else.
    5. A happy healthy coat is fundamental to having a happy healthy pup! Let’s face it – a well-brushed dog looks better, feels happier, and is much healthier!

Let’s Recap!

  • Dogs shed seasonally as a result of weather change
  • Shedding is uncomfortable for your dog, and inconvenient for your furniture
  • Routine grooming is absolutely essential for all dogs
  • Deshedding your dog regularly keeps their coat and skin healthy
  • Deshedding prevents skin irritations and complications

Our De-shedding treatment is a miraculous service that gives your dog smooth, detangled fur that is free of excess hair. More than just smelling great while cleaning your pet, the unique combination also helps remove extra hair and breaks down mats.


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