Considering a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter?

Choose Dog Daycare at Meadowlake Instead!

We understand loving pet parents look for solutions to keep their pets safe & engaged when they can’t be together.

Your peace of mind is important to us. We go above and beyond to ensure your dog gets the attention, care, and interaction he deserves in a place built especially for pets. Here are some reasons pet parents choose doggie daycare at Meadowlake Pet Resort over pet sitters.

No strangers in your home. Maybe you’ve seen the stories on the news—sometimes, letting strangers into your home can lead to serious trouble. Simply drop your pup off at Meadowlake Pet Resort, where we have everything your dog needs for a perfect day out.

staff members playing with dogs

New Clients Get a Free Week of Doggie Daycare!

Must pass free daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

Built for doggie safety. Our doggie daycare program was designed to be the safest place for dogs to play. Our outdoor play areas are fully fenced, while our indoor playrooms are climate controlled and covered in special flooring. Our skilled pet care professionals are formally trained in industry-best practices for group play and dog behavior. Fun is important, but everything we do is for the wellness of your dog!

Enjoy peace of mind your dog is happy and safe. Doggie daycare is more than a walk around the block—it’s a day of engagement, socialization, and exercise in a nurturing atmosphere. Of course, every daycare guest enjoys personal attention and love from our dog-loving caregivers!

Why dog daycare? Our program is designed to make dogs (and their parents!) happy.

Exercise and fun in a safe, supervised environment.  Daily exercise and mental stimulation are important for overall wellbeing. At doggie daycare, our furry guests have lots of room to romp and play with friends. All play groups are 100% supervised by thoroughly trained, dog-loving staff. A tuckered-out, satisfied dog can make your arrival home after a long day easier and more pleasant.

Satisfies a dog's social nature in a healthy way. Most dogs instinctually crave interaction with fellow canines. At doggie daycare, we evaluate each dog and carefully introduce new members to the group. We get to know your dog and choose the best playmates. While doggie fun is important to us, our first priority is the safety and comfort of our guests.

Builds confidence and social skills. Socialization is key to a confident, well-adjusted dog. Properly socialized dogs are proven to experience less stress and more understanding of the world around them. The safe environment at a doggie daycare facility is the ideal environment for constructive, stimulating socialization.

Reinforces training skills and good behavior. All staff members are fully trained in good canine manners and behavior. We actively encourage good habits and reinforce your dog’s learned training while he or she is in our care.

Reduces the risk of unwanted behaviors. Without adequate mental and physical engagement, dogs are likely to get bored. Boredom often leads to challenging behaviors, such as destruction to your home/belongings, excessive barking, separation anxiety, and others. Doggie daycare provides a healthy outlet for your dog’s attention and energy.

Combine daycare with one of our other services. Maybe your pup could use a bath. Add a spa appointment and pick up a spiffy, sweet-smelling pooch at the end of your day. Or perhaps a gourmet treat would be a wonderful mid-day surprise for your pooch!

New Clients Get a Free Week of Doggie Daycare!

Must pass free daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

What Clients Have Said

"My fur baby and I love Meadowlake Pet Resort. The staff is awesome, always friendly and helpful. My fur baby loved his daycare visit. Pricing for all of their services is very reasonable for the level of service and care that they provide. We will be returning for sure. I highly recommend them."

Glymiss Smith

"My fur babies truly enjoy going. Took advantage of the free daycare evaluation which resulted in 6 additional free days once they were approved. I've had tendinitis in one foot and couldn't walk them 2x day. This helped me and my foot out tremendously. They come home exhausted but happy. Soon as I pick up my keys in the morning, they're running to the door and straight to the car. They're whole bodies are wagging when we arrive at the resort. This let's me know they truly enjoy being there and are well cared for. As stated in previous comments, the staff is always very friendly and provides verbal reports of how the day went. I'm now assured my fur babies will do well when I have to leave them for overnight stays."

Anita Newby