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Activities and Pampering

The experienced staff at Meadowlake Pet Resort understands each dog has a unique personality. Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the healthier and the happier they will be. We offer and recommend the following dog boarding activities to satisfy the needs of all our guests.

Lab playing with red ball

Group Play

Group of dogs playing in the field

For the social dog, our supervised group play sessions are a great way to make new friends and enjoy our expansive outdoor play yards. Each play group is selected to match play style and size. To learn more about our play groups, sign up for our Free Daycare Evaluation.

Private Play

Staff member with brown and white dog

Some dogs prefer private plays with a staff member. This one-on-one session provides personal attention customized with the games and level of exercise that your dog enjoys most. From fetch to cuddles, the private play option allows your pet to choose what they like to do best with their human friend.

Emailed Picture & Report Card

Two dogs playing together

Daily emailed report cards, included in our Platinum Package, describe all the fun that your pet is having while on his/her Meadowlake “vacation”. The report also details important information like stool and eating habits. The attached picture is great for pet parents who want to see their baby while away.


Your pet can enjoy artisan treats that are handmade from natural, real food ingredients that pup parents know and understand, right here in Houston's Rice Village doggie bakery! The all natural treats provide the comforts of home delivered right to their room. Changed for each season, past treats have included carob ruffles and white coconut ruffles!

Water Play Session


For dogs who love the water, our huge pawprint shaped splash pad with shooting fountains and room to swim, provides a perfect place to cool off and lounge during warm Houston afternoons.

Tuck In’s and Story Times

Story time for dogs

If your dog is crazy about cuddling, then these are the perfect activities for them. Tuck In’s are quiet time with snuggles and kisses before bed. Story Times include cuddles, a bedtime story read by one of our staff and a mint treat.  What a relaxing way to end a day filled with fun!

Lodge and Learn

Golden Retriever with graduation hat

Have issues at home with jumping, walking on a loose leash, barking or more? An overnight lodging stay is a perfect time for our award winning dog trainers to help your dog master basic obedience. Programs are all inclusive and even come with continued support upon completion of the training. For information on our Dog Training programs, click here.

Puppy and Senior Packages

Small dog with tennis ball in mouth

Puppies and senior pets have specialized requirements that are easily fulfilled in our Puppy and TLC packages. Extra playtimes and potty breaks for the active puppy keep them socialized and encourage housebreaking. Mobility breaks, cuddle times and unlimited medications are included for the old soul with special needs in our TLC package.

Spa Treatments

Galleria Area Grooming

Every pet deserves a relaxing spa day after a fun filled vacation. Start by choosing a bath or customized groom with a cut of your choice. Next pick the spa shampoo best suited to their skin and coat. End your pet’s luxurious spa experience with a blueberry facial and massage. Find out more about our spa options here