Dog Boarding Activities and Pampering

The experienced staff at Meadowlake Pet Resort understands each dog has a unique personality. Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the healthier and the happier they will be. We offer and recommend dog boarding activities to satisfy the needs of all our guests. Below is a list and description of each service we offer. We also have packages to choose from that best fits each pets specific need.





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Offer requires a 3-night minimum stay.

Group Play

Sol Trauber

For the social dog, our supervised group play sessions are a great way to make new friends and enjoy our expansive play spaces.

Private Play

Josephine Tipper

Some dogs prefer private plays with a staff member. This one-on-one session provides personal attention customized with the games and level of exercise that your dog enjoys most.

Pet Portraits


Daily Pet Portraits are great for pet parents who want to see their baby while away.

Water Play Session


For dogs who love the water, our huge pawprint shaped splash pad with shooting fountains and room to swim, provides a perfect place to cool off and lounge.

Tuck In’s


If your dog is crazy about cuddling, then this is the perfect activity for them. Tuck-In's include comforting snuggles by one of our staff before bed, so your pet drifts off to sleep receiving all the love.

Treadmill Service


Our treadmill service is an add on for our training programs and provides additional exercise that can improve movement and overall well-being. It also gives your dog the ability to exercise regardless of weather conditions.

Stay & Train

Gator Quiroz

Have issues at home with jumping, walking on a loose leash, barking or more? An overnight lodging stay is a perfect time for our award winning dog trainers to help your dog master basic obedience. Programs are all inclusive and even come with continued support upon completion of the training.

Puppy and Senior Packages

IMG_3715 (1)

Puppies and senior pets have specialized requirements that are easily fulfilled in our Puppy and TLC packages. Extra playtimes and potty breaks for the active puppy keep them socialized and encourage housebreaking. Orthopedic beds are included for our senior guests.

Spa Treatments

Galleria Area Grooming

Every pet deserves a relaxing spa day. Start by choosing a bath or customized groom with a cut of your choice. Next pick the spa shampoo best suited to their skin and coat. End your pet’s luxurious spa experience with a massage.


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We can’t wait to welcome you and your pets to our family. Try us today and the first night of your pet's stay is on us!
Offer requires a 3-night minimum stay.

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