Puppy Dog Boarding

Running puppies dog boarding in HoustonCongratulations on your new puppy!

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center welcomes puppies who have completed their full series of puppy vaccinations.

Meadowlake requires that puppies under 7 months of age enroll in the Puppy Package, to provide the essentials your puppy needs during this crucial stage of development.

Puppy Boarding Package

Puppy dog boarding in Houston

Puppies require abundant attention, loving care and extra nurturing to help ensure they are well-adjusted, healthy and happy. Puppies must have activity interspersed with sleep and rest. They need a lot of human contact and several daily feedings. Our Puppy Package ensures that your little one will be watched over with an endless amount of loving affection.

  • Nutritious, healthy, vitamin and mineral fortified meals served several times a day for small tummies
  • Three standard potty breaks plus two extra breaks to reinforce housebreaking habits
  • Two fun play times to increase socialization skills and provide individualized TLC
  • Kong for teething & chewing energy