Frequently Asked Dog Daycare Questions

What is required to have a FREE daycare evaluation?

All dogs must be spayed or neutered, current on all vaccines, and on a veterinarian approved flea and tick preventative.

What is the ratio of people to dogs?

Meadowlake follows the highest standards which requires a minimum of one counselor for every 15 dogs.

Is there someone with the dogs at all times?

Yes.  During Daycare play hours, your pet is never left alone.  The Daycare counselors constantly monitor behavior so that each dog is comfortable and having fun!

How are dogs of different sizes accommodated?

At Meadowlake, we typically have two seperate daycare groups.  Smaller, lower energy dogs are grouped together based on play style. While larger, higher energy dogs are grouped together for a better fit of their play style.  Occasionally, we are able to combine the groups, but only do so when we are 100% positive that the personalities and play styles will match well.

Is there a nap time?

All dogs need rest after strenuous play and stimulation. Due to the strenuous play and stimulation, all dogs will be encouraged to take mid-day naps from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Daycare guests will enjoy sharing quiet time with lavender aromatherapy and comfy beds mid-day with their friends.

What kind of “report” do I get at the end of the day?

When your dog attends daycare, we will provide you with daily communication about their performance. We will let you know how they are playing with their friends, what activities they enjoy most, and what positive developments we notice as they mature. These daily conversations allow us to keep you informed regarding your dog's social skills and developing behaviors.

Is there training involved?  If so, what kind?

Dog Daycare counselors reinforce positive behaviors throughout the day.  While participating in daycare, dogs are encouraged to exhibit appropriate play styles, to respond to their name quickly, and practice basic obedience and manners.

  • Practicing Recall - Counselors call dog's name during play and ask them to "come"
  • Positive Reinforcement - Pats and cuddles to reward appropriate behaviors
  • Quick Time-Outs - Counselors use time-outs to demonstrate that certain behaviors are not tolerated while playing. For example: guarding toys, bullying, mounting, excessive mouthing ,excessive barking, etc. Time outs are also used to provide dogs a quick moment to calm themselves down in order to prevent over-excitement. During a time-out, dogs are placed inside a crate, on a leash, or in a cottage.

Meadowlake offers many training programs to help with obedience, socialization or specialized concerns. Call today to set up your FREE Training Evaluation.

Where are the dogs allowed to eliminate?

288 South

The groups spend a significant amount of time outdoors in fields. During extreme temperatures or weather, they are taken outside often where they are encouraged to eliminate. However, there may be occasional indoor eliminations, which are picked up immediately and cleaned with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs or virus.

Galleria Area

Raised indoor potty areas are provided throughout each play room. With turf and hydrants to simulate the outdoors; pups are encourage to eliminate in these designated areas. All eliminations are picked up immediately and cleaned with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs or virus.


Come join in all the fun with your first week free!

Must pass daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

What Clients Have Said

"The facilities are clean, lots of space for outside play, and the employees are amazing. I never worry about my pup staying with you because I know he is getting PLENTY of love and having more fun there than he would at home!"

- Natalie Pettit

“I just want to express how happy I am with your lodging services. The accommodations at Meadowlake are great and I can notice that Gaby was very well treated while staying with you. For the first time after being boarded Gaby returned home happy and relaxed.
Thank you so much for taking care of her!!! I’m sure Gaby would love to return and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.”

- Maria and Ronaldo Ferreira