Award-Winning Dog Grooming in Houston and Pearland

Our industry-leading grooming spas and award-winning staff provide a variety of services to make your pet look and feel their very best. Skilled groomers, high quality products, and loving care ensure a pleasant experience for each dog or cat while bringing out their inner beauty. Our two state-of-the-art facilities are convenient to the entire Houston Metro area as well as Pearland, TX.

Discover why local pet parents chose us for Houston Pet Talk’s Best Groomer Award!

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Dog sitting in grass at Meadowlake

Luxury Spa Services

Our professional spa staff specialize in delivering personalized services while paying attention to the individual needs and mood of each guest. Our beautiful, modernized dog spas and high-tech equipment mean we can provide quick service in a positive atmosphere to make your pet’s grooming experience as fun and relaxing as possible.

  • Full-service haircuts to your specifications
  • Maintenance trims
  • Hydro-surge massaging bath
  • FURminator® deshedding treatment
  • Organic, hypoallergenic shampoo upgrades
  • Fragrant blueberry facials
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail trims
  • And much more

Benefits of Professional Grooming

While sweet-smelling snuggles are arguably the best thing about a visit to the groomer, there are a variety of important health benefits to regular visits.

  1. Healthy Skin & Coat. The premium shampoos and conditioners used by Meadowlake groomers contain natural ingredients designed to nourish, soften, and strengthen your pet’s coat. Plus, this reduces the likelihood of matting, which can pull uncomfortably on your pet’s fur, much like tangled human hair.
  2. Nails and Paws. Canine nails grow at a slow but constant rate. Wild wolves naturally wear their nails down on the terrain, but not so for our family pets. When excessively long, nails can cause discomfort in the paws and irritate the joints. Our professional spa staff are experts at quickly trimming dog nails accurately and with ease.
  3. Reduces Shedding. Brushing at home is an important part of keeping your dog’s coat healthy, but it’s often not enough. Our professional tools remove hair trapped in your pet’s inner layers of fur to loosen trapped hair and debris, helping your pet feel lighter and more comfortable. Plus, it leaves the hair in the bottom of our bathtubs, not around your house.

What Clients Have Said

“I highly recommend the service of Grooming at Meadowlake, they are very detailed on your requests and keep track of what was done before on your dog, so no matter who is the groomer your dog will look exactly how you want! The staff there is very sweet and professional, it’s always a pleasure dealing with them! I can’t wait to use their Day Care and Lodging Services! The facility is always extremely clean! Totally worth the drive if you are not that close to them.”

“Your groomer did an amazing job with Luther’s hair cut! He looks GREAT! Def will have him groomed again here! Thanks!”

- Jill Osterman

“Seraph and Jurassic Bark Rescue just want to thank your groomer for the GREAT groom !! We just love everyone at Meadowlake !! See you soon !”

- Kellye LeBoff

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