Award-Winning Dog Grooming in Houston and Pearland

Our industry-leading grooming spas and award-winning staff provide a variety of services to make your pet look and feel their very best. Skilled groomers, high quality products, and loving care ensure a pleasant experience for each dog or cat while bringing out their inner beauty. Grooming is available at our two state-of-the-art facilities located in the Galleria Area off Richmond and Unity, and also at our 288 South location near downtown Houston. Both are convenient to the entire Houston Metro area as well as Pearland, TX.

Discover why local pet parents chose us for Houston Pet Talk’s Best Groomer Award!

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De-Shedding Services

Our De-Shedding Service uses advanced grooming techniques, tools, and skills to remove as much of your pet’s loose and trapped fur as possible, so it ends up in our bathtub, not all over you and your house. We do this with specially designed brushes, shampoo and blowers to efficiently and gently lift away the extra hair from your pet’s multi-layered coat.

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Luxury Spa Services

Our professional spa staff specialize in delivering personalized services while paying attention to the individual needs and mood of each guest. Our beautiful, modernized dog spas and high-tech equipment mean we can provide quick service in a positive atmosphere to make your pet’s grooming experience as fun and relaxing as possible.

  • Full-service haircuts to your specifications
  • Maintenance trims
  • De-shedding treatments
  • Organic, hypoallergenic shampoo options
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail trims
  • And much more

Benefits of Professional Grooming

While sweet-smelling snuggles are arguably the best thing about a visit to the groomer, there are a variety of benefits to regular visits:

  • Healthy Skin & Coat
  • Maintained Nails and Paws
  • Reduce Shedding
  • Avoid Mats in Your Pet's Fur
  • Reduces the chances of ear infections
  • Happier Pets

What Clients Have Said

So so so much better than other main stream groomers!! My dog smelled better, looked better, and seemed happier! Haha! I’m not joking. The other, cheaper, groomers cut her hair too short even though I tell them not to. And my dog’s skin is always irritated for about a week after her grooming. Not after a meadowlake grooming!!! I’m so glad they no longer require the canine flu shots. It’s a better atmosphere and all around better experience. ❤️

-Shanna Ramon

"I am so pleased because my dog sheds daily and I sweep the floors constantly. However, having paid the deshedding fee when I booked her bath, she isn’t shedding at all. A miracle as I have paid the deshedding fee previously with zero results. I am grateful and will definitely return for their services!"

-Marilyn Orr

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