"We have had Pennie attending Daycare since January 2015 and she LOVES it. She practically jumps out of the car, to get into Daycare to play! Thanks for helping her run out her energy and loving on her!! We recently enrolled her in the Prep School and are very happy with the results we saw and are continuing to work on at home. She is a different pup already and is so much better behaved!! We all LOVE Meadowlake and their staff!!" - A. Stewart

Rubysmall"Ruby has done great! Some of her worse habits are nonexistent! The follow-up training was incredibly beneficial to help the "pup"rents reinforce certain behaviors as well as for the humans! Thank you for everything!"

-Julie Griffin

PuddlesSml"Our dog has been able to interact with other dogs without fear. Off leash training is amazing- confident puds will sit/stay safely & not run away. Great care & attentiveness to our needs."

-Amber Freeman

"I'm am extremely happy with Bella's outcome! Bella is doing well and is making the best companion. I'd definitely recommend Meadowlake to my family and friends. Thank you!!!" -Elvira Lozano

Francoissmler"I took my 8 month old french bulldog here to go through some basic training. I was having problems with him in my apartment and we both had a bit of separation anxiety. The week long camp worked like a charm. I was able to leave him there and call every day for updates. The exit training helped me understand some things I was doing wrong and how I should alter them to gain his respect and trust. The staff adored him as much as I do and upon bringing him home I knew it was the best decision I could have made. He and I are both much happier and better behaved after the training. I also loved that they were extra cautious with any special requests I may have had and they give you lifetime support with some of the packages. That type of security in the quality of training gave me the piece of mind I needed to leave my little man there for an entire week. It was well worth the time without him and the money." -Ms. Fox (Francois's mom )

Lilycsml"Lily, my Boxador, was enrolled in the Ivy League Training Program. Upon completion Chris, the trainer, walked through the delivery lesson with my whole family. Based upon the training and delivery lesson, all of my children including my 6 y.o. are engaged in continuing the training at home and have a full understanding of how to work with Lily. I'm am extremely pleased with the training provided by Meadowlake and will recommend their facility in the future." -Brian Teel (Lily's dad)

"We've been taking our dogs to Meadowlake for daycare, boarding, and use of the dock diving setup for close to two years now. The dogs love their trips there. We feel at ease knowing they get personalized attention to ensure the boarding process is as stress free and fun as possible for the dogs. We highly recommend Meadowlake Pet Resort and Training Center."

"My pup and I went to Meadowlake Pet Resort and Training Center over the weekend to use the dock diving pool and he LOVED it. The staff was informative and extremely helpful with my questions both on the phone and in person. We will definitely be back!"

"Love Meadowlake! Use their pool for my dogs, and they have always been so kind to us! Recommended them to a friend who lives near there, and she and her dog love it! Wish we lived closer or they were closer to us:)"

"We enjoyed our time with Chris in helping us introduce our dog to the pool and dock. He was very helpful and we had a great time and we left with a tired dog!"

"My Boxer mix was so happy when I came to pick him up! So happy, tired and obedient! He went home and slept through the night with no barking and tearing things up. I will definitely be a regular customer"

Molly"Molly is well on her way to being a more cooperative part of the family with manners that make us proud. We are doing better in being consistent with her to get the results we want thanks to the coaching & encouragement from the training staff. Thanks Tons!"

-Ella & Dick Kuo

"My pet is doing much better dog_2following commands outside and behaving inside the house. I appreciate that I am able to spend more time with her. Thank you Tori and Meadowlake for making this possible!"

-Pena Family





"Our dog is doing so much better dog_3after 10 days with Tori. She also seems like a happier dog and so are we!!"

-Jack Ostermaier




"There has been a huge improvement dog_4in Lillipup's behavior. It is terrific to see her respond to commands. She is still learning but has made a lot of progress."

-Melissa Schwaller




"Whidbey was a rescue who loved people

but have never been introduced to the dog basics-sit, stay, good manners. We didn't know where to start. After the two week program he came back a gentleman and a scholar! Very impressed. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

-Meghan Weaver

"The course met once a week for 1 hour. Let me tell you...the class hour went by so quickly. We were just getting into the class when we saw that the class hour was over. Tori made it fun, informative and never boring. She was never judgmental on our training abilities...or lack there of...LOL!! My dog and I learned verbal commands, hand gestures, AND corrections. What an experience!! I highly recommend Tori. Now I understand why it is important for me, the human, and the dog to get trained together."

"The staff were wonderful, informative, and most of all very caring. Our dog was boarded for 8 days and we appreciated the wonderful comments on her "report card" upon our return. For the first time ever, it seemed she wasn't thrilled to be leaving! We returned a week later to try her in the dock diving pool and the staff remembered her on sight and called her by name and gave them all kisses. We'll definitely be back!"

"Amazing training program. The dog not only learned the commands but retained them. Great and knowledgeable staff. Will return."
-Alex Coleman