Holiday Hazards

We all know that holidays can sometimes be stressful for us, but did you know it can also be stressful for our pets?  Older pets can be particularly affected.  Make sure your pet has a quiet place they can go, with a comfy bed and plenty of peace and quiet available to them whenever they need it.

If you have house guests over during the holidays, make sure they don’t slip your pet too many treats under the table!  Poultry skin, fat trimmings, heavy gravy and buttery sauces can cause stomach issues in some animals.

Holiday decorations, like ornaments and tinsel look like toys but can shatter if chewed or cause obstructions if swallowed.  Watch for trailing cables on tree lights.  Don’t leave them swinging where pets can chew or pull them.

All candles and open flames should be placed out of your pet’s reach, or be covered with fire screens to avoid singed tails.  If you have decorated your home with poinsettias, mistletoe or berries, make sure they are out of your pets reach too.  These popular holiday flowers can cause serious stomach issues, and some are poisonous to animals.

Take care with presents under the tree.  If someone brings a gift of chocolates, it’s a guarantee that your dog will find that out before you!  Remember, not only will your chocolate be ruined, but it is poisonous to dogs.

We love our pets very much! These are just a few steps to ensure that he/she is happy and safe this Holiday Season.

-Tori Hankey, CPDT-KA