How to get your dog familiar with a boarding facility

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Dog Boarding

There are several ways to make the boarding facility you’ve chosen a familiar and favorite place for your pup. Read on for tips that will have your pup making new friends, trying different delicious treats, and enjoying their stay or visits time and time again!

Tour the facility. Once you’ve booked your pup’s stay, take time to visit the facility to make sure they have everything you’d like for your pup as well as a standard of care that meets your expectations. Are their options for your pup to socialize or play one-on-one? Do pups get their own room and a place to relax everyday? Remember, the more confident in the place you bring your pet, the more relaxed and comfortable they will be at check-in. 

Plan a short visit for your pup. Whether your pup is incredibly outgoing, or more reserved, a short visit to the facility you’ve chosen ahead of their scheduled stay is always a good idea. If the facility allows daycare, and you are interested in group play or daycare days during their stay, then it’s a good idea to schedule their behavior evaluation ahead of time. A reputable facility will always access a dog’s behavior before introducing them into a full pack or group dynamic. If your pup likes more human companionship, then private daycare, also known as a day lodge, is great for introducing them to the sights, smells, and people that will accommodate them during their stay. 

Book a groom or bath. Not sure your pup needs a full day away to get familiar with the facility you’ve chosen? Book a quick bath or groom if your chosen facility offers these services and add on a little play session or treat. This is a good way to get your pup to associate this facility with rewards and good times. Not to mention they’ll come back looking and feeling great!

Plan their stay just right. Hopefully you’ve chosen a facility that has many different options for accommodation and activities. Choose an activity package and feeding schedule that reflects most closely the one you and your pup follow at home. Do they eat every morning, or like to nibble a little throughout the day? Let staff know so that they can make sure your pup’s tummy stays happy. What about activity level? Is your pup a couch potato, or an all-star runner? Make sure you are offered just the right activities and frequency of play to keep your pup engagement and well exercised. 

Don’t forget teddy! Now that everything has been planned and the facility has been toured and visited, what do you need to pack? Depending on whether or not the facility you’ve chosen is all inclusive, you’ll need to know whether or not to bring any food, bedding, and medication. Pups at Meadowlake can travel light, needing only bring a favorite bed or blanket along with that favorite teddy or toy, and current medications. If your pup doesn’t have any allergies then you can even skip the food, and we will provide a balanced diet throughout their stay. 

When a place is inviting, fun, and specifically made to cater to your pet, it provides the opportunity for you and your pup to have a relaxing vacation. Take your time to choose a place you truly love and then give you and your pup a chance to make it their home away from home by visiting ahead of their stay, or booking daycare visits, grooms or day lodges. 

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