Consider the following when choosing quality care for your furry family member:

Meadowlake Pet Resort is dedicated to quality care for your pet and we truly feel that we are the best solution for all your pet care needs. However, we understand that there are other options when deciding where your pet should stay when you are away. Having a a trusted individual come to your home or taking your pet to someone else’s home is an option that some people choose, but may not always be the best for your pet.

What can Meadowlake do that a home pet sitter can’t?

1. Attention-while you are away your pet while seek out more attention than usual. Not having that attention will result in added stress. In a high quality facility, potty breaks, feeding times, treats, play times and other activities will provide your pet with the attention they strive for. A pet sitter may only be able to visit your home for a limited amount of time each day.

2. Experience-a boarding facility will have trained staff that love and care for the guests as if they were their own. Meadowlake’s highly qualified staff have pet CPR and first aid training and Meadowlake follows standards set forth by OPCU (Outstanding Care University). Be sure to ask potential pet caregivers about their training. During an emergency, it could save your pet’s life.

3. Excitement-Increased amount of time at home alone may cause extreme boredom, which often leads to destructive behavior such as chewed furniture, rugs, accidents inside, holes in the yard and much more. Many resorts offer exciting activities, calm settings and a variety of stimulating interactions a day that will help minimize this behavior.

4. Safety-A premium facility will be well maintained, clean and pose no safety hazards to your pet. Your pet will be monitored by a trained staff member when spending time outside of their accommodations  In many cases, facilities have surveillance cameras, state of art alarm systems, generators, and staff present for the majority of the day. You will always find comfort in knowing that your pet is safe.

A quality pet resort such as Meadowlake can offer your pet extra services that a pet sitter will not be able to offer. Such services include quality training programs, exceptional grooming services, group play options, pool time, unique supplies and more.

Please consider all your options when making arrangements for your beloved pet and always feel free to contact Meadowlake Pet Resort with any questions or concerns.