A Customized Training Plan as Unique as Your Dog

Our team has years of experience helping dogs become the best they can be. We know that training a dog well takes time, effort, constant engagement, and a genuine understanding of each one’s needs.

When we place a dog in a balanced environment of socialization with other dogs, stimulation from fun activities, and education with a team of dog training pros, their path to training success is substantially easier and more effective!

We can help your dog get started with a customized training plan based on their needs, whether it includes the basics like sit and stay, or more advanced skills like come when called or heel.

After we’ve laid the foundation with your dog during their training with us, we help you continue their training success down the road with ongoing coaching and reinforcement resources whenever you need them.


Your dog can become the well-trained best friend you’ve always wanted, and we can help him get there! We have already partnered with hundreds of other dog owners and their pets with customized training programs approaches based on their needs - and we’ve seen just as many owners and four-legged friends walk away happy with their results.

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Why Train with Us?

  • Receive a customized training plan specifically tailored to your dog
  • Understand the time and effort it takes to develop a well-trained pup
  • Help your dog’s training efforts stick in a healthy balance of socialization, stimulation, and training at our facility
  • Learn how to maintain, reinforce, and improve your dog’s behavior for their lifetime with our help
  • Receive ongoing coaching resources from our experienced training team well after your dog’s boarded training session ends

Effective dog training takes time, energy, diligence, and knowledge. When you partner with us, we help you and your dog through every aspect of the training process with a tailored plan that meets your and your pup’s needs. We’ll help you make sure their newfound obedience skills last long after they leave us and head back home to you.

Ready to take the first step? Contact us to get started with a free orientation, and we’ll start your dog’s training experience right!

Call (713) 413-1633 To Set Up Your Free Training Orientation Today!