Meadowlake’s Community Outreach Stretches to Puerto Rico

by | Feb 12, 2024 | The Meadowlake Team

Our Executive Manager, Laura Koch, recently had the opportunity to volunteer with Faro De Los Animales, an animal rescue organization in Puerto Rico working to address the island’s stray animal crisis. Laura, along with 30+ other pet resort managers, owners and consultants from all over the country spent 5 hours cleaning, organizing, building, hauling debris and doing any/all work to assist the dedicated shelter staff. 

Over 50,000 strays roam Puerto Rico with few resources to help them. Laura not only donated her personal time to assist Faro De Los Animales’ life-saving efforts but was also able to deliver over $2,000 worth of flea and heartworm medication, generously donated by Dr. Manny Sanchez of Manvel Lakes Veterinarian Clinic in Manvel, Texas. Through the selfless contributions of volunteers like Mrs. Koch and donors like Dr. Sanchez, we can make a real difference in combating Puerto Rico’s stray animal problem and getting these animals the care they urgently need. Faro De Los Animales does incredible work, and we are so grateful that our very own Executive Manager was able to go and support them however she could.

If you want to help, please consider donating through their Amazon link, following them on social media and sharing their stories, or even volunteering yourself if you ever find yourself in Puerto Rico.