Meet George!

George is a rambunctious, happy, amusing dog who loves jumping about and playing with chew toys. He is a very short-haired mixed breed. When he was born his fur was jet black. but has since changed into a beautiful deep copper brown. He has a beautiful, kind face with loving eyes.

When he was a puppy, George immediately gravitated to his foster’s three larger dogs and has no problem running with the pack and playing with other dogs.

George is about 45-50 lbs and still has lots of that typical Lab energy and behaviors. George could use some training on a leash and a way to get his energy out–maybe another doggie friend, trips to the park to play, or a running/walking buddy. Lab breeds usually don’t get out of that puppy behavior until they are at least 2+ years old.

He has a lot of energy but once he settles down for a nap, he is great! George is currently lodging at Meadowlake until his rescue group (Pup Squad Animal Rescue) can find him a foster or FOREVER home! For more information please contact Pup Squad!