National Puppy Day Celebration

March 23rd

Celebrate National Puppy Day at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training  Center on March 23rd! All puppies 2-6 months of age are invited to join Meadowlake staff for a day of learning and play.  Puppies will enjoy:

*Training sessions throughout the day

*“Recess” breaks to socialize with other puppies their age

*Cozy rest times to dream of all the fun yet to come

Upon pick up at 6pm, puppy parents will enjoy a presentation by Meadowlake Trainers on proper puppy training techniques, pictures of all the day’s activities, reports on how each puppy did, an introduction of Meadowlake’s puppy training programs and a Q&A session…all of this at no cost to our pet parents!

The road to less chewing, nipping, barking, jumping, leash manners and more, starts on National Puppy Day at Meadowlake! Reservations required. Puppies must be dropped off between 7am-10am and pick up presentation starts at 6pm. Please allow one hour for pick up.

Sign up today! Space is limited!