Vaccinations & Health Requirements

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center requires evidence of following vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian by facsimile/email/hand delivery PRIOR to the date the guest will participate in any Meadowlake activity. Meadowlake may not be able to enroll or house the pet if the required records are not received in advance. No hand-written records or owner-administered vaccinations are acceptable.

The following vaccinations are required after the initial series of puppy or kitty shots:


  • RV (rabies): Annual or 3-year, based on specific documentation by your veterinarian
  • DHPP (parvo-distemper): Based on specific documentation by your veterinarian
  • BV (bordetella or canine cough): Meadowlake does everything possible to prevent your dog from Canine Cough. Although some veterinarians believe that the one year Bordatella vaccine is enough protection, most veterinarians disagree and highly encourage the 6 month vaccine. Meadowlake requires your veterinarian to provide the specific documentation indicating which vaccine was administered.
  • Canine Influenza vaccination:Due to reduced cases of CIV (canine influenza) in the area, we have moved the CIV vaccine from “required” into the “highly recommended” category. We always encourage all pet parents to discuss vaccinations with their preferred veterinarian to ensure your pet remains as safe, happy and healthy as possible.


  • RV (rabies): Annual or 3-year, based on specific documentation by veterinarian
  • RCP (respiratory-distemper): Annual or 3-year, based on specific documentation by veterinarian
  • Must be neutered or spayed to stay at Meadowlake

General Health

All pets must be in good general health to enter Meadowlake for lodging, training, grooming or for Daycare. Meadowlake is not licensed to provide veterinary care. Pets with diabetes or exhibiting signs of serious illness, contagious viruses, etc. will not be accepted. Meadowlake provides special lodging packages at an additional expense so that it may provide care for geriatric pets or pets on medication (no injections). Pets needing significant or special care should be taken to a veterinarian clinic for boarding.


All pets will be checked thoroughly for fleas and ticks. If any are found, that pet will be treated immediately, at the owner’s expense, before entrance into the facility.