3 Reasons Why You Should Always Lodge Your Cat While You Are Away

by | May 24, 2023 | Cat Lodging, Pet Resort

While Home Alone was a great movie and fills us millennials with nostalgia, cats do not necessarily feel the same as the main character Kevin. It seems like a no brainer to leave your cat at home with plenty of food and water and a couple extra litter boxes. Saves you money and cats are “independent”, right? Not necessarily! Just like Kevin, cats left on their own may find themselves in situations that are cause for concern. From safety to health to general well-being, your cat will be better off visiting a local pet resort or cattery. Consider the following, so your cat isn’t saying Kevin’s famous line, “I just want my family back.”

Consider Safety:

If your cat happens to get injured or ill, they will have no one to get them to a veterinarian. Certainly, this would be a pet owner’s worst nightmare to know their pet was hurt and they were too late to help. Inclement weather or emergencies such as loss of electricity or severe storms like hurricanes are another danger to your pet while alone.

Ask About This:

Question where the cats stay. Look for a quiet and peaceful room where stress levels will be low. Ask about emergency procedures, backup generators and overnight staff.

Consider Health:

Not all cats have self-control.  Leaving large amounts of food out may lead to a cat overeating and then being left with little to no food for the remainder of your time away. Water can become dirty or filled with bacteria from not being changed daily.

Ask About This:

Inquire about what food is fed or if you are required to bring food from home. Cats should always have access to fresh, clean water and both food and water bowls should be far away from the litter pan. Ask about health checks and if appetite and stools are recorded which ensures the staff are properly monitoring health.

Consider Mental Well-Being:

Many cats seek out the attention of their owners and enjoy interacting with toys, cuddling on the couch or rubbing against your leg to greet you. Think about the absence of those moments and the stress or confusion that can cause. A cat may retreat and avoid eating and take a long time to readjust to the routine upon your return.

Ask About This:

Find out what play times are offered and how much interaction your cat will have with staff. Do they have a separate, large enclosed area for play? Do they have toys, cat trees and visual enrichment like windows available?

Next time you’re planning a business trip or a family vacation, don’t forget about your “Kevin”. Make Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center part of your plans and have peace of mind that your cat is safe, healthy and well taken care of. Call today to schedule a reservation or stop by for a tour at either Meadowlake location.