Dog Daycare at Meadowlake Pet Resort

Dog daycare is the perfect dog’s day out. While you’re at work, whether virtually or in the office, our award-winning pet care professionals will keep your pup entertained, exercised, and happy. Both Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center locations feature industry-leading daycare programs that provide a safe, fun alternative to keeping your pup at home all day.

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Discovery Daycare

Mentally stimulating activities such as brain teasers, agility courses, tactile sensory play, enrichment games and more all focus on keeping your pup energized, entertained, and stimulated.

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Designed and structured just for puppies 8-weeks to 6-months old, our puppy daycare will provide appropriate play, positive socialization, and an enriching environment to make sure your puppy is having a fun and educational experience every time they come to visit!

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Social Daycare

We’ve created an enriching daycare experience dogs adore—and pet parents trust. This is where dogs romp, play, and make new friends in a safe and supervised environment built with canine happiness in mind.

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Personal Daycare

No two dogs have the same needs or preferences. At Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center, we provide customized fun to keep your pet engaged and looking forward to the next playtime.


Enjoy a FREE day of play!

Bring your pup for a FREE daycare evaluation and let us assess and match them with the perfect play program fitted to their specific needs and preferences! We have a play group to match every dog's needs!

Dog Daycare FAQ

What is required to have a FREE daycare evaluation?

For the safety of all guests, daycare dogs must be current on the following vaccines; Rabies, DHLPP (distemper), and Bordetella. We highly recommend, but do not require the following: Canine Influenza, H2N8 and H2N3. For clients wanting social daycare, dogs must be spayed or neutered.

What should I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive, a Meadowlake team member will walk you through filling out a few forms, in particular some history about your pet. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have as well. Your pup will be taken to Daycare by one of our Daycare Counselors where they will await their evaluation to place them in the perfect play setting for them. Parents should not expect to be able to watch the evaluation as your pet will act differently with you around…not only may they act uninterested in other dogs, they could even become protective of the space in your presence. Our Counselors will take great care of your pet while you are away and contact you once the evaluation process is complete.

What will my dog's daycare evaluation be like?

Deciphering your pup’s body language is an important part of their daycare evaluation. Your pup’s use of posture, facial expressions, and other cues will give us an understanding of what sort of play environment they enjoy. As they are introduced to different pets, and the daycare counselors, we access if they are relaxed, having fun, and showing appropriate play behavior. For dogs more socially inclined they are gradually introduced to the pack, for pups who enjoy more exclusive play time they are invited to do personal play daycare. Once your pup has completed their evaluation we will contact you and let you know how your pup did, after that they are invited to join us the rest of the day until you are ready to pick them up. 

How do you decide which play program will best fit my dog?

Matching a dog to the most appropriate program involves many factors that our well trained staff analyze. While historically dogs are social, after years of domestication and depending on the dog’s past experiences, not all dogs actually like a social environment. So the first thing we want to ensure is that your pet has fun while at Meadowlake! In addition, we must consider factors like each pet’s size, activity level, play style and age while placing them in the proper program or social pack.

How will I know how my dog enjoyed daycare?

When you come pick up, we’ll let you know all about your dog’s fun day out. We’ll tell you how they most enjoyed playing, who they made friends with, the activities they preferred, and what positive developments we notice as they continue to visit us.

What is the next step if I feel like my dog needs more mental stimulation and enrichment?

Discovery Daycare is a great option for pups who need more engagement and unique daily experiences. With activities planned for every day of the month, pups are sure to be entertained and challenged. Call today to learn more about Discovery Daycare!

What if my dog is lodging and I would like them to do daycare during their stay?

Our 288 South location allows for a seamless transition from lodging to daycare. Pups that have not completed their daycare evaluation can do so once they have been checked-in, though we highly suggest getting their evaluation done prior to their stay. After completing their evaluation a daycare counselor will contact you and let you know what play program was the best fit for your pet. If they enjoyed social daycare then each day they will join the pack to play before returning to their room for dinner and tuck-ins. Both facilities have countless play packages available for parents who prefer not to do daycare during a pup’s stay as well as for those lodging at our Galleria location.


Enjoy a FREE day of play!

We believe no dog should fail at playtime! Bring your pup for a FREE daycare evaluation and let us access and match them with the perfect play program fitted to their specific needs and preferences! 

What Clients Have Said

"The facilities are clean, lots of space for outside play, and the employees are amazing. I never worry about my pup staying with you because I know he is getting PLENTY of love and having more fun there than he would at home!"

Natalie Pettit

“I just want to express how happy I am with your lodging services. The accommodations at Meadowlake are great and I can notice that Gaby was very well treated while staying with you. For the first time after being boarded Gaby returned home happy and relaxed.
Thank you so much for taking care of her!!! I’m sure Gaby would love to return and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.”

Maria and Ronaldo Ferreira

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