Dog Daycare in Houston, TX

Dog daycare is the perfect dog’s day out. While you’re at work or running errands, our award-winning pet care professionals will keep your pup entertained, exercised, and happy. Both Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center locations feature industry-leading daycare programs that provide a safe, fun alternative to leaving your dog home alone.


Daycare at Meadowlake 288 South
Daycare guests at our 288 South location enjoy the run of 4 grassy acres complete with playground equipment and a specially designed water park. On rainy days, the fun carries on in our temperature-controlled daycare facility. This Meadowlake facility is conveniently located right off 288 in the Houston countryside.


Daycare at Meadowlake Galleria Area
Meadowlake Galleria Area is located off Richmond and Unity in downtown Houston. This beautiful, brand-new daycare facility includes thousands of square feet of climate-controlled playrooms outfitted with fun toys and structures. 



Come join in all the fun with your first week free!

Must pass daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

The Most Fun Dog Daycare

We’ve created an enriching daycare experience dogs adore—and pet parents trust. This is where dogs romp, play, and make new friends in a safe and supervised environment built with canine happiness in mind. Tails wag and leashes are pulled when dogs realize they’ve arrived for another fun day at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center! At the end of the day, you’ll take home a satisfied and relaxed dog ready to snuggle.

  • Named Best Dog Daycare by Best of Pearland and Houston Pet Talk Magazine
  • Expansive play yards with safe toys and fun playground equipment
  • Indoor playrooms are climate-controlled and kept beautifully clean
  • Custom-built canine water park at our 288 South location!
  • Engaging daycare activities from fetch to bacon-flavored bubbles to make every day a blast!
  • Dogs are separated into playgroups based on personality, activity level, and size with an ideal staff-to-dogs ratio
  • All daycare dogs enjoy a midday break complete with calming lavender spray, comfy raised beds, and low lighting
  • Highly trained and attentive staff take the time to learn each dog’s preferences and personality, and groups are supervised 100% of the time
  • Private play and small group play options are available for dogs who don’t prefer to play with the pack

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs love daycare, and why wouldn’t they? It’s designed for their happiness and health. There’s a lot about daycare for pet parents to love, too.

Two dogs sitting on playground equipment

Healthy Mind & Body

Have you ever felt worried or guilty leaving your dog home alone? That’s why we’re here. Daycare is designed to keep your dog busy in both mind and body, satisfying their desire for exercise, attention, and purpose while you’re away. Come pick-up time, they’re ready to be the perfect companion to wind down with.

Group of dogs playing in a bone shaped pool

Reduces Negative Habits

Couch stuffing all over the floor? Chewed shoes in the closet? Holes in the back yard? Does any of this sound familiar? These common habits can be curbed by redirecting your dog’s attention and energy in constructive ways. Daycare allows them to spend their days playing and having fun rather than acting out at home.

Blowing bubbles to a dog

Promotes Good Socialization

Dogs tend to crave the company of their fellow canines. At Meadowlake’s daycare program, you can be confident your dog’s making friends with other friendly, vaccinated dogs in a safe and supervised environment. Proper socialization is key to helping your dog discover greater confidence and sense of self.

Dogs resting by the playground

Safer Than Other Options

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center is a specialized facility designed to meet all your pet care needs. Our daycare program ensures your pet has a great day in the safest possible ways under the watchful care of well-trained professionals. There’s no need to worry about unknown dogs at the dog park or inviting pet sitters into your home.


Come join in all the fun with your first week free!

Must pass daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

Dog Daycare FAQ

What’s required to have a FREE daycare evaluation?
We can’t wait to meet your dog! For the safety of all guests, daycare dogs must be spayed or neutered, current on all vaccines, and on a veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventative.

Is there someone with the dogs at all times?
Yes, your pet is never left alone during play hours. Our daycare staff constantly monitor behavior and body language to ensure everyone’s comfortable and having lots of fun.

How are dogs of different sizes accommodated?
At Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center, we carefully separate dogs into the best groups for their size, level and personality. Smaller and lower-energy dogs are often grouped together based on their play style, while larger and higher-energy dogs are a better fit together.

Is there time for a rest?
Daycare guests are encouraged to have quiet time with lavender aromatherapy and cozy beds, attended by our caring staff.

How will I know how my dog enjoyed daycare?
When you come pick up, we’ll let you know all about your dog’s fun day out. We’ll tell you how they most enjoyed playing, who they made friends with, the activities they preferred, and what positive developments we notice as they continue to visit us.

Is there training involved?
Dog daycare staff reinforce positive behaviors throughout the day. While participating in daycare, dogs are encouraged to exhibit appropriate play habits, respond to their name quickly, and practice basic obedience and manners. We do offer many training programs to help with obedience, socialization, or specialized concerns. Call today to set up your FREE training evaluation.

What vaccinations do you require?
We require dogs be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, DHLPP (distemper), Bordetella, and both strains of canine influenza. We also require our guests to be on a flea and tick treatment for the wellbeing of all our furry visitors.

Come, stay, play! Fun filled play days start as low as $18.95!




Come join in all the fun with your first week free!

Must pass daycare evaluation. More information and details available when you call and schedule your evaluation.

Does Your Dog Have A Birthday Coming Up?

Celebrate with Us! Give your dog the best birthday ever with all his pals. We offer several birthday packages to suite your needs ranging from party hats, scrapbooks, games, tons of adorable pictures and more!

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What Clients Have Said

“Mia enjoyed her first day of daycare yesterday and apparently loved every minute of it!  When I went to pick her up, they handed her to me, and she fell to sleep before I was out the door with her.  She had so much fun with her new friends that she was totally exhausted.  I felt so comfortable when I drove away knowing that when I take her back, she is well taken care of!  Thank you Meadowlake staff for your attention, love and dedication…and making our baby your first priority!”

Koressa Gregory & Diane Reoch

“My dog Kirby goes to daycare and he loves it! I know this because when we pull up, he can hardly wait to get out of the car! The staff is super friendly…most of them know Kirby by name! They all seem like genuine animal lovers. The facility is super clean and very nice. They truly look after your pet as if it was their own. Kirby is my only fur-baby, so I’m a picky dog mom! I don’t trust anyone like I trust Meadowlake!”

Jacy K

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