The Most Award-Winning Cat Boarding in Houston, TX

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center’s specially designed Kitty Parks and Uptown Kitty Lofts provide the pleasant stay your cat deserves. Feel at ease knowing your feline friend will enjoy top-notch amenities like natural light from multiple windows, vertical suite design for climbing, shelves for perching, and a dedicated ventilation system just for our feline lodging area. Specially trained, cat-loving caregivers can’t wait to show your kitty companion the royal treatment.

Cat Boarding in the Houston 288 South Area

Our sunny, separately housed and ventilated Kitty Parks at Meadowlake Pet Resort 288 South are second to none. Both kittens and cats love our private condos, luxury suites with outdoor patios, and screened porch designed for feline fun and recreation.

Cat Boarding in the Houston Galleria Area

Cool cats at Meadowlake Pet Resort Galleria Area enjoy serenity and peace in their second-floor Uptown Kitty Lofts. This chic feline hub features an aerial-view playroom with a cat wheel and an abundance of sunlight.

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Award-Winning Amenities & Accommodations

Whether you’re traveling for a day or an extended trip, your cat can enjoy a vacation of their own at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center. From our delightful cat suites to our enriching recreational areas, our resorts offer everything you’d expect from a five-star human hotel.

  • Clean, vertical-space cat suites offer plenty of room for cats to climb and explore.
  • Plush bedding and favorite toys help every kitty feel right at home.
  • Cats are kept separate from the sounds and smells of their canine counterparts in separately ventilated areas.
  • Our attentive staff tends to every cat’s whim, including room service and lots of love.
  • Daily wellness checks ensure every furry guest is in great shape every day of their stay.
  • Fun activity options keep cats entertained and exercised in our innovative cat porch and playroom.
  • Cats are fed nutritious and flavorful food free of charge, or you can bring your pet’s usual food in pre-measured servings.
  • Of course, litter is cleaned multiple times daily.

Feline Fun with Activity Packages

At Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center, we appreciate how curious and energetic cats can be. Our carefully curated cat activities are designed to stimulate your cat’s mind and body each day they’re with us. By the time you return, you’ll have a content and satisfied cat to catch up with.

Some of our feline fun includes:

Playtime- We’ll take your feline friend out for supervised play in our fun recreational areas. Our 288 South location features a screened-in porch where cats can enjoy the smells and sights of fresh air and nature in a safe, comfortable place. If your cat’s staying at Meadowlake Galleria Area, they’ll love the panoramic views and interactive toys in our unique playroom.

Personal Play & Cuddles- Some cats adore human attention, and our doting caregivers are happy to oblige. Personal playtime includes whatever your kitty likes most, whether it’s chasing a laser, exploring the playrooms, or relaxing on a lap. Of course, plenty of kisses and pets are included.

Catch of the Day- We prepare wholesome treats made from natural ingredients, which are hand delivered to your cat’s suite like room service.

Why Cat Activities?

  • Just like dogs, cats benefit from routine and interaction, especially while away from home.
  • Exercise keeps cats agile and healthy.
  • Physical and mental stimulation keeps your cat’s mind and body active and happy.
  • Activities direct your cat’s energy in a healthy direction, keeping them engaged.
  • Playtime and interaction are good ways to help a timid cat build confidence and trust.

The award-winning overnight experience at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center starts at just $22.95 per night. Call us now to customize your kitty’s perfect stay.


Book Now!

We can’t wait to welcome you and your pets to our family. Try us today and the first night of your pet's stay is on us!
Offer requires a 3-night minimum stay.

Cat Boarding FAQ

Cats rest easy in our specially designed Kitty Parks and Uptown Kitty Lofts. At both Meadowlake facilities, cats are housed separate from our canine guests for a peaceful, private experience. A dedicated air ventilation system keeps the air clean and fresh for our feline friends. Our cat suites are spacious, multi-level accommodations offering plenty of room to lounge, perch, and play. Large windows bring in lots of natural sunlight for cozy catnaps and views of the outdoors.

What Clients Have Said

Thank you for taking such good care of our babies! It’s comforting to know there’s such a wonderful facility here in Houston to do so! We were blown away by the care our kitties received! Thank you so much!

-Faith & Lee Majors

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