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Dog Training at Meadowlake

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center’s dog training programs are designed to enhance the relationship between you and your pet. You can choose from a wide selection of professional dog training programs tailored to your needs. Our dog trainers use proven and positive systems that are customized for each dog based on their breed, AKC group and personality. We have successfully trained thousands of dogs and have the highest training success rate in the Pearland area, and among the top in the Greater Houston area.

Even Good Dogs Can Be Better Behaved

The Dog Training Department is composed of a team of dog trainers who are highly educated in dog behaviors, reinforcement techniques and non-verbal body language.

Our system is designed to achieve three things:

  • Teach dogs to obey verbal commands through a positive approach
  • Teach how to maintain a dog’s positive behaviors, and even improve them over time
  • Ensure that the training “sticks” through ongoing support and coaching

Sit, Stay, Come

Does your dog need training to master basic behavior skills? Would you like to take the fundamental steps toward communicating commands better with your dog? Our dog training programs are designed for dogs that have not had the opportunity to learn basic obedience skills.

Walking On A Loose Leash

If you are seeking off-leash control and want your dog to be the envy of other dog owners at the dog park, then try one of our more advanced dog training programs. In these programs, we work to master your dog's basic skills and build a solid foundation for more advanced dog obedience. Our training staff will use innovative methods and tools to accelerate your dog’s learning process.

Owner Training

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center’s training programs can be an excellent option for dedicated owners that do not have the time or knowledge for detailed training. Our programs use positive reinforcement methods and include follow-up consultations. Let our dog trainers be your “dog coach” for the lifetime of your pet!

Personalized Options

Our dog trainers will help you choose the best training method for you and your family. Your dog will develop a solid foundation of obedience skills and good habits, which will result in a better relationship between you and your pet. 

Where To Begin With Dog Training

It’s important that your dog is taught the vital foundational skills that will result in a better relationship with you and enable them to develop additional skills down the road. Once your dog’s initial training is complete we become your “Dog Coach”, for the following six months, providing your family with additional advice and support.



The first step in improving the relationship with your pet, is to set up a complimentary dog training orientation with a member of our training team. During the orientation we will go through the challenges you are facing at home and address your goals for the future. We will guide you to the best option for your pet, your family and your budget.

Training Evaluation


Ongoing support is what makes Meadowlake’s dog training so successful and so highly recommended by our clients. Private lessons with our trainers, follow up phone calls and a Success Guarantee, mean that the training you receive at Meadowlake will benefit you and your pet for a lifetime!

Post Graduate Class

Our Post Graduate class is a VIP class offered exclusively to dogs that have graduated our Master, Ivy League or Prep School Lodge and Learn Training Program.  These classes allow pet parents an amazing opportunity to continue learning from our award winning training team long after their pet’s training here is complete. Additional commands are taught, initial commands are perfected and all of this is done with very high levels of distractions to perfect each behavior. This is a drop in class available every Saturday. Purchase a post graduate package of 15 attendances for only $265.

What Clients Have Said

“I took my 8 month old french bulldog here to go through some basic training. The week long camp worked like a charm!. The exit training helped me understand some things I was doing wrong and how I should alter them to gain his respect and trust. The staff adored him as much as I do and upon bringing him home I knew it was the best decision I could have made. He and I are both much happier and better behaved after the training. I also loved that they were extra cautious with any special requests I may have had and they give you lifetime support with some of the packages. That type of security in the quality of training gave me the peace of mind I needed to leave my little man there for an entire week. It was well worth the time without him and the money.”

- Ms. Fox (Francois’s mom)

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