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Professional Dog Training in Houston, TX

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center provides a wide selection of award-winning training programs to suit your needs, goals, and budget. Our most popular option is our comprehensive Stay & Train program, but also offer private lessons, in-home training, and group classes. Whichever training path you choose, Meadowlake Pet Resort provides what you need to continue your training journey throughout your pet’s entire life!

For all our programs, our system is designed to achieve three major things:

  • Teach dogs to obey verbal commands through a positive approach
  • Help pet parents learn to maintain their dog’s positive behaviors and even improve them over time
  • Ensure the training “sticks” through ongoing support and coaching.

Why Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center for Dog Training?

  • We’ve successfully trained thousands of dogs across the Pearland area
  • Staff of experienced trainers to support you
  • Customized approach leads to better results and faster learning
  • Ongoing support for lasting results
  • Highly recommended by our clients
  • Experience training dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities
  • Dedicated training areas
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About the Trainers

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center is proud to have a training department composed of a team of dog trainers with over fifteen years combined experience from pet obedience to sport dog exhibitions.

More importantly they have helped thousands of families create a more harmonious relationship with their beloved pets.

For more information click here: About The Trainers.

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Free Introduction to Dog Training in Houston, TX

The first step to begin the training process for any of our professional dog training programs, is to sign up for a FREE Training Orientation. Training orientations allow you the opportunity to meet our Professional Dog Trainers and for them to meet you and your dog. During the orientation you will get an in-depth discussion of our training theory, a training demonstration, a tour of Meadowlake Pet Resort, a discussion of all of our training programs and pricing and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the training process.

What’s the Benefit of a Free Dog Training Orientation?

There are many benefits to attending one of our FREE professional dog Training Orientations. First, you will walk away with real dog training knowledge that can be put into place immediately, whether you purchase a training package or not. You will get to see the level of passion and dedication our trainers put into their craft. Our Trainers will teach you why your pet does what he/she does and what it will take to instill the positive behaviors and confidence all pet owners seek from their pets.

How do we Choose a Dog Training Program?

Choosing your dog’s Trainer is a major decision and should be treated as such. Programs must be matched to each dog and family based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, breed, age, past training history, budget and most importantly the behavioral goals of the family. Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center is dedicated to providing a large variety of options to fit all of the needs mentioned above.

What’s the Cost of Dog Training?

Our professional training programs start as low as only $125 and include options such as private lessons, our most popular and highly recommended Stay & Train programs and even in home lessons. Sign up for a FREE Training Orientation today to get started!

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Ongoing Dog Training Support

Training should continue throughout a dog's life; just like humans our canine companions need refreshers for the commands and behaviors they have learned. Our Post Graduate class is a VIP class offered exclusively to dogs that have graduated from one of our Stay & Train programs. These classes allow pet parents an amazing opportunity to continue learning from our award winning training team long after their pet’s training here is complete. Additional commands are taught, initial commands are perfected and all of this is done with very high levels of distractions to perfect each behavior. This is a drop in class available every Saturday. *Post Graduate classes are currently postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions.*

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What Clients Have Said

“I took my 8 month old french bulldog here to go through some basic training. The week long camp worked like a charm! The exit training helped me understand some things I was doing wrong and how I should alter them to gain his respect and trust. The staff adored him as much as I do and upon bringing him home I knew it was the best decision I could have made. He and I are both much happier and better behaved after the training. I also loved that they were extra cautious with any special requests I may have had and they give you lifetime support with some of the packages. That type of security in the quality of training gave me the peace of mind I needed to leave my little man there for an entire week. It was well worth the time without him and the money.”

-  Ms. Fox (Francois’s mom)

Everyone at Meadowlake went above and beyond through Hurricane Harvey. We had our pup, Roux, boarding for a 30 day training when Harvey decided to come through. They assured us over and over that their facility was safe & had a backup generator, that training would continue as normal, and they even called us several times with updates. They had at least 15 staff stay throughout the whole storm with all the boarders. When we arrived on day 30 of the training and went through the handoff training session, I was blown away. Both Lisa & Chris did awesome training our pup! We've been home for a couple of hours and Roux has been responding wonderfully to us. Hands down would recommend this place for training, boarding and doggie daycare.

-  Susan W. (Roux's Mom)

We just had our poodle mix, Beau trained at Meadow Lake and we love the results. I told my husband I was expecting a miracle and we got one. Prior to training, Beau was aggressive to other dogs and strangers when on lease. With their 10 day training program, he is now calm and behaves appropriately when in public and around other dogs. We can take him anywhere now and not be fearful of his behavior. It is like we have a new dog. Thank you Lisa and Chris. I give an A plus review to all the staff. Thank for a wonderful experience.

- Helen P. (Beau's Mom)

We’ve put 3 of our dogs through their 15 day training program. It it worth worth every penny! The training is a starting point and allows us to build a stronger relationship with our furbabies. It makes us comfortable knowing we can take our XL Pit Bulls out in public without having them jump all over people ... we get endless comments of how well-mannered they are. Thank you Meadowlake Pet Resort!

-  Suzanne B.

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