Dog Training

We customize our dog training for lasting results. Our skilled team of trainers have helped thousands of dogs in the Greater Houston, Pearland, Galleria & surrounding areas!

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Dog Training in Pearland, TX

At Meadowlake Pet Resort, our highly skilled trainers are dedicated to providing personalized programs for dogs and puppies that address your specific needs and objectives. We firmly believe that training is the foundation for building a strong bond between you and your furry friend, fostering effective communication and mutual understanding. As we work together to accomplish your goals, Meadowlake Pet Resort is proud to be your top choice for convenient dog training near your workplace or home.
Dog Training in Pearland, TX

What Behaviors Do We Train?

Teaching your dog essential commands like sitting, lying down, staying, and walking calmly on a leash is vital for a well-behaved pet. However, going beyond the basics and incorporating additional commands can address behavior problems, increase your pet’s comfort in various situations, and strengthen your bond through improved communication and trust. These advanced commands include teaching your dog where to rest, proper greetings, and response to touch commands, among others. It is also crucial to address and change undesirable habits like excessive barking, jumping on people, unwanted chewing, and mouthing.

At Meadowlake Pet Resort, we understand the significance of these aspects and more. Our training is customized to focus on what matters most to you, ensuring consistent obedience in distracting environments and over long distances. Our comprehensive approach, tailored to your specific goals, guarantees lasting success. With Meadowlake Pet Resort, you will have a supportive partner throughout your dog training journey.

Dog training serving the Greater Houston TX area, including Pearland, The Galleria & surrounding communities.

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Puppy Training

The expert team of professionals at Meadowlake Pet Resort excels in delivering personalized programs tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Recognizing that training is an exceptional opportunity for bonding between you and your beloved pup, we strive to foster a stronger connection through effective communication and shared understanding. When seeking local puppy training options, count on us to be your trusted partner in this journey. Our utmost priority is to assist you every step of the way towards achieving your training goals.

Dog Training Pearland TX

Where Do I Start?

That’s an excellent question and one that our Training Orientation is designed to address. Whether you’re just starting your search for local dog training options or you’re ready to find immediate solutions, our Training Orientation is the perfect first step. Our knowledgeable Dog Training Coordinators in Pearland are available to meet with you either in person or via phone. During this orientation, they will provide a detailed explanation of our training methods and discuss all of your objectives. They will also inform you about the range of training tools and resources available, and provide pricing information. Based on your unique needs, our coordinators will make personalized recommendations for the best solutions for you and your family. We encourage you to reach out to us today and schedule your Training Orientation to discover how Meadowlake Pet Resort can meet all of your dog training needs.
Dog Training Pearland TX

Why Choose Meadowlake Pet Resort?

Meadowlake Pet Resort takes great pride in serving Houston and surrounding areas, such as Pearland, River Oaks, Friendswood, Manvel, Rosharon, The Heights, Missouri City, and Sugarland, since 2009. With our extensive experience, we have successfully trained thousands of dogs. However, we don’t just expect you to take our word for it. Take a moment to explore our training reviews and hear directly from pet parents who have had exceptional experiences with us.

Dog Training Pearland TX
Dog Training Pearland TX

Stay & Train Programs

Looking for a one-of-a-kind training experience for your furry friend? Look no further than Meadowlake Pet Resort. Our dedicated team offers a range of training programs tailored to suit your pet’s individual needs, goals, and budget. Our Stay & Train program is a top choice for pet owners, providing a unique opportunity for your dog to reside with us while receiving expert training. Whether you’re focused on mastering off-leash skills or want to achieve specific training objectives, our Training Coordinators will guide you through all the options available during your orientation.

  • Daily training sessions led by certified trainers at our expansive 288 South facility.
  • An in-depth 60-minute Delivery Lesson for at-home training success.
  • Access to an online portal for instructional videos, assignments, and helpful tips.
  • Daily housekeeping to ensure your pet's environment remains pristine, similar to hotel standards.
  • Nutritious twice-daily meals featuring Nutrisource lamb and rice formula.
  • Regular outdoor bathroom breaks, up to three times a day.
  • Constant access to fresh, clean water in germ-resistant, hygienic bowls.

Private Training Lessons

For pet owners who are eager to actively participate in their furry friend’s training, Meadowlake Pet Resort offers private sessions conducted by our certified Dog Trainers at our 288 South facility. These one-on-one lessons provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss any concerns with the Trainer, practice specific behaviors, and acquire effective training techniques to utilize at home with your beloved dog. To ensure convenience, these sessions are offered in sets of four. Get in touch with us now to schedule your Training Orientation and determine if our Private Training Sessions are the perfect fit for your needs!

Dog Training Pearland TX
Dog Training Pearland TX

Puppy Training in Pearland, TX

Beginning training with your puppy early is essential! We welcome puppies starting at 12 weeks old to start their training with us. Our training programs are designed to cater to puppies of any age, ensuring the training route you choose perfectly suits your little one. Building a solid foundation of behavior and early socialization with new people and other dogs is vital for your puppy’s development.
During their stay with us, your puppy will experience a variety of behavioral training activities. They will learn basic commands such as sit, come, and how to walk nicely on a leash, among other skills. Starting training early is key to raising a well-mannered, confident adult dog.
Dog Training Pearland TX

Dog Training FAQ

What’s the benefit of a Training Orientation?

There are many benefits to attending one of our free Training Orientations. First, you’ll walk away with real dog training knowledge you can put into place right away, whether you purchase a training program or not. You’ll learn firsthand the level of passion and dedication our trainers put into their craft and how Meadowlake is able to help achieve your goals.

How do we choose a dog training program?

Choosing your dog’s training program is an important decision, and it’s not one we take lightly. Programs are matched to each dog and family based on factors such as breed, age, past training experience, budget, and most importantly, your goals. Meadowlake Pet Resort provides a large variety of options to fit all your needs.

What’s the cost of dog training?

Our professional training programs start as low as only $125 and include options such as private lessons and our most popular and highly recommended Stay & Train programs. Sign up for a FREE Training Orientation today to get started!

Do you provide ongoing training support?

Yes, our customized training programs come with take-home exercises, informational resources, and live support from our expert team to create meaningful results that last. We also provide access to our Client Training Portal once your dog has gone through our training program.

What if we need more training later?

Meadowlake offers Post Graduate group classes for all graduates of our training program that are perfect to challenge your pet and practice new skills! We also offer Refresher Days while your pet is lodging with us to reinforce what they’ve learned in the past. Call today to learn more!

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Also Offering…..

Dog Daycare

Dog daycare provides the perfect outing for your four-legged companion. Whether you’re at home or away in the office, our renowned pet care specialists will make sure your dog stays engaged, active, and happy all day long. Meadowlake Pet Resort offers exceptional daycare services at both of our locations, providing a fun and safe alternative to leaving your dog alone at home.

Our 288 South daycare center delivers a tailored, social, and exploratory experience for your dog. Set on 4 lush acres, this space allows plenty of room for your pet to explore and enjoy freedom. We also boast a modern splash pad to keep your furry friend entertained and cool during the warmer days.

Meanwhile, our Galleria location features diverse daycare options, including unique services for puppies, making it a rarity in the Houston area. Highlighting the significance of early socialization, this venue is perfectly suited for city-dwelling pets to have a blast and get in plenty of exercise.

Dog Boarding

We recognize the individuality of each dog and customize their activity levels and playtime to match their unique personalities. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, we encourage pet owners to actively contribute to designing the perfect boarding experience for their dog.

Our boarding services come with a suite of amenities included in your boarding fee, ensuring your dog’s stay is as comfortable as possible. For those seeking dog boarding near their home or office, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Spacious, air-conditioned, private quarters. At our 288 South location, some rooms even feature patios!
  • Elevated, comfy beds equipped with soft bedding to ensure a restful night’s sleep
  • Daily, comprehensive 5-point wellness checks to keep a close eye on your pet’s health during their stay
  • Frequent housekeeping and laundry services to keep their space clean and smelling fresh, comparable to the standards of a human hotel
  • Two nutritious meals per day, made with NutriSource lamb and rice, to keep them healthy and satisfied
  • Up to three chances every day for outdoor bathroom breaks, maintaining comfort and a consistent routine
  • Constant availability of clean, fresh water, served in germ-resistant and environmentally friendly disposable bowls

Dog Grooming

Our skilled dog groomers are committed to providing personalized grooming services that cater to the individual requirements and personality of your pet. Utilizing our modern dog spas and the latest grooming tools, we aim to deliver quick and enjoyable grooming experiences, ensuring your dog remains calm and stress-free throughout.
A trip to the pet groomer does more than leave your dog smelling great; it offers numerous benefits. Regular grooming keeps your pet’s skin healthier and their coat shinier, enhancing both their look and comfort. Proper nail care, including trimming and filing, helps maintain a comfortable nail length, avoiding discomfort and potential issues with walking.
Additionally, grooming sessions significantly reduce shedding, leading to a cleaner home and a more allergy-friendly environment. It also helps prevent the painful tangling of your pet’s fur, which can lead to discomfort and skin issues.
We offer dog grooming services at our two locations, including:

  • Full haircuts
  • Thorough dog washes
  • Deshedding treatments
  • Skin and coat health treatments
  • Dental care, such as teeth brushing
  • Nail maintenance, including trimming and filing

About Meadowlake Pet Resort

In June 2009, the Meadowlake 288 South location opened its doors, the culmination of Carroll Ray’s five-year dream to craft an unparalleled pet care paradise. Her vision? A state-of-the-art oasis manned by a team brimming with empathy and expertise, all dedicated to the safety and happiness of every four-legged guest. Spanning four picturesque acres, this facility is a haven of joy for dogs, featuring lodgings, daycare, grooming, and training services. With sprawling play areas and a refreshing splash pad, it’s the perfect retreat for frolic and leisure.

Fast forward to November 2018, and Meadowlake Pet Resort unveiled its Galleria location at 6393 Richmond Avenue, broadening its embrace with services like cozy lodgings, vibrant dog and puppy daycare, and meticulous grooming. This spot, designed to comfortably welcome up to 75 daycare revelers and nearly 150 lodgers, is a gem for pet parents. Its unique suite-style accommodations with sleek glass fronts, including special adjoining rooms for pet siblings, set a new standard in pet care luxury. 

At the heart of both locales is our commitment to peace and security; advanced security and fire systems guard our guests, while soothing music flows through the speakers, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Come and see us! We’re located less than 10 miles from Pearland.

  • Head northeast on TX-35 N/S Main St toward E Broadway St 2.6 mi
  • Turn left onto TX-8 Beltway W
  • Continue onto Texas 8 Beltway Frontage Rd
  • Use the left lane to take the ramp onto Sam Houston Tollway W 1.8 mi
  • Follow Sam Houston Tollway W to TX-8 Beltway W. 3.5 mi
  • Take the exit toward Texas 288 from Sam Houston Tollway W
  • Follow TX-8 Beltway W and Furman Rd to your destination 1.4 mi
  • Merge onto TX-8 Beltway W
  • Turn right onto Furman Rd.
  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • Meadowlake Pet Resort – 288 South 13500 Furman Rd, Houston, TX 77047


Meadowlake 288 South location did a great job training my puppy. In three weeks my 11-month-old puppy knew 10 commands and had no difficulties adjusting to the new home. The staff at the location is knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I continue to take my puppy to group classes and feel comfortable and more knowledgeable to continue training my puppy at home.

Galena K., Houston, TX