Puppy Training in Houston, TX

It is never too early to start puppy training! Puppies can start training at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center as early as 12 weeks old.

Early training helps your puppy develop good habits, avoid future behavioral issues, and helps create a confident and stable adult dog. Obedience training is also important to help keep your puppy safe.

All of our dog training programs can be tailored for a puppy's specific needs!

For more information about our training programs visit our Dog Training Page.


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What You Can Expect From Puppy Training

While your puppy is boarding, they will be introduced to a wide array of behavioral enrichments. Training will include a variety of commands such as sit, come, leash manners and others. The sooner you introduce a solid foundation of training to your puppy, the more confident they will be as adult dogs.

  • Prepare a foundation for bringing your new puppy home.
  • Learn how to understand your puppy's needs.
  • Get positive puppy training from experienced dog trainers using multiple methods, techniques, and approaches.
  • Teach your puppy what to do and what not to do (stop chewing, discourage jumping, prevent biting and much more!)

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