Puppy Training

Puppy Training in Houston, TX

It is never too early to start puppy training! Puppies can start training at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center as early as 12 weeks old. Meadowlake’s programs are customized, so any of the training paths you take will be perfect for any age! Building a strong behavioral foundation early in life, coupled with the socialization of being around new people, other dogs and a new environment is the best way to curb some common puppy problems and set your pup up for success!

Early training helps your puppy develop good habits, avoid future behavioral issues, and helps create a confident and stable adult dog. Obedience training is also important to help keep your puppy safe.

All of our dog training programs can be tailored for a puppy’s specific needs!

Puppy Training

What You Can Expect From Puppy Training

While your puppy is boarding, they will be introduced to a wide array of behavioral enrichments. Training will include a variety of commands such as sit, come, leash manners and others. The sooner you introduce a solid foundation of training to your puppy, the more confident they will be as adult dogs.

  • Prepare a foundation for bringing your new puppy home.
  • Learn how to understand your puppy's needs.
  • Get positive puppy training from experienced dog trainers using multiple methods, techniques, and approaches.
  • Teach your puppy what to do and what not to do (stop chewing, discourage jumping, prevent biting and much more!)


Our girl is a completely different (in a great way!) member of our family. Thank you meadowlake training for making life so much better for all of us!

Jeff F., Houston, TX