5 Halloween Safety Tips

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Pet Safety

 Calling all pup-ghosts and ghouls! Here is the top 5 Halloween Safety Tips to ensure you and your pet have a spooktacular Halloween!

1. Is your pet’s costume making them anxious?

  • Dog costumes are adorable, but it is important to make sure your pet is comfortable. They should be able to run around freely, bark, and rest in their costume. Pay close attention to velcro, strings, headbands and other things that can become restrictive and even painful over time. Watch for signs of being anxious or uncomfortable like heavy panting, whining, restricted movements, not taking treats, etc. 

2. Avoid candy and chocolate!

  • Unfortunately, dogs don’t know just how bad candy is for them, and sometimes can’t resist the temptation. Having candy bowls out for trick or treaters can make it super easy for your pets to sneak those sweet treats. Make sure to keep the bowl up high, look for accidentally dropped candy or empty wrappers. Perhaps even keeping your pet in a safe room or crate while the dangers of candy are out. 

3. Only take a well trained pup for a walk during trick or treating!

  • While trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are fun for us, they can be scary and overwhelming for our pets. Oversized costumes, large props, painted faces and masks are all reasons to be scared or on high alert if you are a canine. Meadowlake offers training that will prepare your dog for the safest Halloween possible and for all the times throughout the year that you wish your pet could come with you! 

4. Keep tags and microchips updated! 


  • With Trick-or-treaters at the door throughout the night, your dog may find the opportunity to escape so they can trick-or-treat themselves. Being distracted with Halloween activities can also leave the opportunity for them to get out of the backyard. Make sure your pets can make it back home safe with a dog tag and microchip that has your current phone number and address. 

5. Consider overnight lodging at Meadowlake! 

  • If your dog reacts when strangers come to the door, Halloween night will be quite stressful. We recommend lodging your pup for the night to avoid your pet being anxious and on edge all evening. Meadowlake offers many fun activities that will keep them safe and having fun so your focus can be on the cute trick or treaters coming to your door!