How Reputable Pet Resorts Develop Playgroups

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Dog Daycare

You can always count on a high quality pet resort to take the time to get to know your dog, their play style and temperament. This allows them to choose the most suitable “pack” for your pet. Make sure any pet resort you consider takes ALL the following factors into account.


 Compatible Play Style

Just like humans socialize differently, each dog plays differently. Some dogs are very energetic and play with their full bodies, while some are shy and prefer to take in all the smells and soak up the sun. A dog placed in a pack that is incorrect for their play style will not feel comfortable, which could result in stress instead of fun. 

Size and Breed

In general, large dogs play more intensely than small dogs, and smaller dogs can get intimidated by other dog’s size. Likewise a dog’s breed may make them inappropriate for certain packs. For example, herding dogs will need to be kept active with chasing tennis balls and not other dogs. Their pack should be high energy with many options of things to do or they will stress other members of the pack out by “herding” them all day! Resorts shouldn’t discriminate against certain breeds, but instead understand them and be able to accommodate their special needs. 


A dog’s age can directly affect their activity level and maturity. Puppies, for example, need their own playgroup where they can focus on learning how to interact with other pups and how to read another dog’s behavior. Once mature, they can “graduate” into an adult pack where they will be prepared for the behavior of older dogs. Seniors may be almost completely inactive and simply just enjoy being around other dogs, but not interacting with them. If you ever see a large dog hanging out in a small dog pack, ask their age! It could be that they are a senior pet who’s activity levels and age make smaller dog packs the most suitable for them. 


Your animals are part of your family, so it is important that you trust the pet resort you take them to. One of the main differences in an “old school” boarding and daycare facility versus a high quality pet resort is the care your pet receives.  Meadowlake prides itself in our attentive and superior care.


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