Meet a Member of the Meadowlake Team!

by | Apr 20, 2018 | The Meadowlake Team

Meet a Member of the Meadowlake Team!

Q&A With Laura Koch

Executive Manager | Since 2009


Laura and her dog

What do you love about working for Meadowlake?

With such busy lives, it is a pleasure to be able to provide services that help make our clients lives easier and the pets lives happier. For me personally, animals have always been my passion. Being able to work daily surrounded by pets and a team of people that love what they do; is really a dream.

What pets do you have now or wish to have?

We currently have a 11 year old Boston Terrier names Fenway; a 10 year old Rottweiler mix named Lambeau; a 10 month old deaf Great Dane named Cava. One day I would love to have a horse in the family, as my 9 year old daughter and I love to ride.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?

I enjoy spending my time crafting and creating, re-decorating the house (probably more times than husband likes, lol), spending time in nature, but mostly I love being with my family. I have a husband of almost 11 years, a 6 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter. We grill out, we see movies, we go to festivals and concerts, but each night ends with cuddles on the couch. Those moments are priceless.

List 3 cool/unusual/unique facts about yourself.

  1. Originally from WI and LOVE the Packers!
  2. Worked in zoos for 10 years and was the first person on record to train a Sailfin Lizard.
  3. Favorite movie of all time – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

What is one thing that clients would love to hear about the way you care for their pets?

It’s genuine. My love and passion for these pets, for all living creatures, is deeply rooted; as is my love for this company, our clients, and the family of staff that work here.