Should I Bring My Dog’s Lunch?

by | May 28, 2024 | Dog Daycare, Uncategorized

Choosing to bring your pet to Daycare is hugely beneficial for their physical health, socialization and behavior, so it’s important that pet parents know how to prepare for their pet’s day. 


One often misunderstood “necessity” is that a dog will get hungry during the day and should be provided lunch. While many dogs display a strong motivation for food, it doesn’t always mean they are actually hungry. And in the case of daycare, it is a preparation that pet parents can eliminate from their busy mornings! 


At Meadowlake Pet Resort, safety is always our top priority, which means that when a pet has been provided a lunch they will be eating it in a private room away from other guests. This avoids issues of food possessiveness within the pack. In addition, they will be given an hour to digest their food and let their tummies settle. This helps to prevent the danger of bloat, as well as more minor stomach upsets like vomiting and loose stool. 


Most veterinarians recommend two meals per day and not to eat during times of active play because of the reasons listed above. In addition, we find that many pets do not want to leave the pack when they are in the middle of playing with their friends. Often, food goes uneaten. 


Meadowlake strongly recommends that pet parents avoid bringing their pets lunches while participating in Daycare or Boarding, unless the pet is under 6 months of age or has a medical need to eat smaller, more frequent meals. 


So make your morning a little simpler and count on us to keep your pet happy and healthy!