Use Doggie Daycare and Avoid Adding a Fur Kid to the Home School Curriculum

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Dog Daycare

Homeschooling is a challenge, in fact, at some seasons and stages, homeschooling is a BIG challenge. If you are feeling at the end of your rope juggling kids, spouses, work and fur babies, then this post is for you! Well at least where it concerns you and your pets. Unfortunately giving our pets the continuous attention they seek while also trying to maintain a work-study environment doesn’t always work out, so what are our options? Dog daycare is an increasingly popular choice for busy parents who want to provide their pup the attention, exercise and socialization they can’t while trying to work and educate from home. If you’re wondering whether doggy daycare is a good fit for your pup, there are numerous benefits and advantages to consider; all of which result in a happier, less anxious and healthier dog for you to enjoy your evenings with! Let’s explore some of the doggie daycare solutions that can help you make an informed decision in getting your pup to some much deserved weekday playtime at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center. 


Human Interaction

While no one can replace the special bond you have with your pup, forming a positive and caring relationship with other people trained to provide a stimulating, safe and fun environment is a way to solve the dilemma of getting your pup adequate attention throughout the day. Expanding the circle of people your dog interacts with on a daily basis helps them to become more well-adjusted and social; making meeting new people less stressful going forward. Juggling so many new environments at home is stressful enough without having to worry about your pup getting restless, so give yourself some peace of mind knowing they’re in the care of dog lovers just like you!


Dog Socialization

Whether you have a rambunctious new puppy or an older more reserved dog, Meadowlake’s daycare environments provide a unique monitored environment for pup socialization. Younger pups can learn social skills and boundaries with a variety of other puppies, while older dogs can learn group obedience and gate control behaviors that can translate to being useful at home. Daycare is a safe training ground for meeting and playing with new friends, so that those walks around the neighborhood can be more fun and less stressful for pup and pup-parents.


Come Join The Fun

Staff playing with dogs

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center has created an enriching daycare experience dogs adore—and pet parents trust. This is where dogs romp, play, and make new friends in a safe and supervised environment built with canine happiness in mind. Tails wag and leashes are pulled when dogs realize they’ve arrived for another fun day at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center! At the end of the day, you’ll take home a satisfied and relaxed dog ready to snuggle. 

You can opt to drop off/pick up yourself, or have us provide transportation and drop off your pup happy and tired! We offer both single day and daycare pass packs at a discounted rate if you plan on making daycare an everyday treat for your pup. First time pups can enjoy a FREE WEEK of daycare following their FREE daycare evaluation! To schedule your dog for daycare, head to or give us a call at 713 – 413 – 1633 and get your pup in for a full day of fun!