Build Confidence and Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety Through Training

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Dog Training

Training is not just about obedience. It is a great way to build confidence in anxious dogs and reduce stress. 


There are multiple forms of anxiety in dogs, separational, behavioral, or situational. Being able to identify anxiety in your dog will help you be able to determine how to help them. 


Just like people, when you are proud of yourself, you become more confident. Make sure to praise BIG if your dog does something that would normally cause them to shut down. Help your pet work through situations with praise and confidence building steps. Avoiding their fears completely or coddling them during fearful situations will worsen their anxiety. On the flip side, over exposure to a fearful situation can damage their confidence and increase their stress level.  A Trainer can help guide you through this process and create a plan that will benefit you and your pet. 


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