Dog Boarding in Manvel

Our pet resort serves the Greater Houston area with climate-controlled suites staffed by pet-loving staff for the perfect stay for every dog, every time!

Receive 1 FREE Night of Boarding!

Offer requires 3-night minimum stay. Valid for new Boarding clients.

Dog Boarding in Manvel, TX

Since 2009, Meadowlake Pet Resort has been redefining pet care. Our approach differs from traditional kennels, focusing on creating a nurturing and engaging environment with our attentive staff. Our main objective is to provide peace of mind for pet owners. Your dog will enjoy gourmet treats, social interactions, and individual attention from our team. With two locations in Houston, TX, we’re committed to providing quality care for your pet.

Book your pet’s stay starting as low as $45 a night.

Dog Training Rosharon TX

Dog Boarding outside of Pearland, TX off HWY 288 South

Located on 4 acres off Hwy 288 and Beltway 8, Meadowlake Pet Resort 288 South location is our original location and provides endless opportunities for play.

Dog Boarding in the Houston Galleria Area

Conveniently located on Richmond Ave and Unity, our Meadowlake Pet Resort Galleria Area location opened in 2018 and features climate-controlled large indoor and turfed outdoor play yards that make for good clean fun no matter what the forecast predicts.

NEW – Summer of 2024 – Call for our 50% Multi-Pet Discount!

For families with multiple dogs we now offer a 50% multi-pet discount!

We are happy to share the details when you make your reservation! Please note this is for Boarding only and pets must stay in the same room.

Call now to learn how Meadowlake can take care of your entire pet-family!

Dog boarding serving Manvel and surrounding communities.

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Dog Training Rosharon TX

Quality Overnight Dog Boarding

At Meadowlake, we understand the distinct needs and accommodations of each dog and adjust their stay accordingly. Unlike standardized options, we collaborate with pet parents to tailor their pet’s experience. Rest assured, our boarding fee covers all essentials for a quality overnight care experience that’s close to home!

  • Spacious, climate controlled and private rooms. Ask about patio options available at our 288 South location!
  • Comfortable raised beds and soft bedding.
  • A comprehensive, 5-point wellness check every day to ensure your pet’s health from check in to check out.
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry keep your pet’s room fresh & clean, just like a human hotel.
  • Nutritious meals of NutriSource lamb and rice food served twice daily.
  • Outdoor potty breaks provided up to 3 times daily.
  • Access to fresh and clean water at all times via germ resistant bowl frames and sanitary, biodegradable bowls.

Enriching Activity and Play Packages near Manvel, TX

Make your pet’s stay at Meadowlake even more enjoyable with our discounted activity bundles! From group play sessions to cozy bedtime tuck-ins and daily pet portraits sent straight to you, we offer a variety of options to suit your furry friend’s preferences. Discover the perfect combination of these activities for your pet when you choose Meadowlake for dog boarding near you:

Group Play for dogs near Manvel

Calling all social butterflies! Our supervised group play sessions are tailor-made for dogs who love to interact and explore with others in our vast play areas. Before joining, dogs must be altered and pass a FREE Daycare Evaluation. We organize groups based on size and play preferences, ensuring your pet encounters a variety of friendly faces while staying in their comfort zone.

Private Play

Treat your dog to exclusive one-on-one play sessions designed to cater to their individual needs and desires. Whether it’s a game of fetch or some quality belly rub time, our private play option lets your dog choose the activities they enjoy most, alongside their devoted human companion.

Pet Portraits

Create lasting memories with Pet Portraits! Receive a high-quality image of your pet in their element—indulging in treats, striking poses with props, or engaging in playful antics with pals. Let the picture do the talking! Share the joy effortlessly with convenient download and sharing features!


Does your pup love cuddling? Our caring staff is here to spoil your dog with bedtime cuddles and kisses galore. It’s the ultimate way to wrap up the day in warmth and affection!

Splash Pad Fun near Manvel, TX

Found at our 288 South establishment is our remarkable splash pad, resembling a giant pawprint and offering a beach-style entry and delightful spray fountains. It’s the prime location for dogs to cool off and unwind during those hot Houston afternoons.

Receive 1 FREE Night of Boarding!

Offer requires 3-night minimum stay. Valid for new Boarding clients.

Dog Boarding FAQ

Where will my pet stay overnight?

When pets are not out enjoying activities, they are comfortable in their own private rooms. Sleeping without a group of dogs, means more rest time for your pet and none of the stress of “cage free” facilities. All rooms span from floor to ceiling, have privacy panels, raised beds with comfy cushions and are climate controlled. Ask about outdoor patio rooms located at our 288 South location!

I have multiple dogs…can they stay together?

Dogs that live in the same household and are owned by the same pet parent are able to share a room. Be sure to tell the Reservation Specialist about their temperament and living situation so we can match them to the perfect accommodations!

Who will be taking care of my pets?

All of our staff members are highly trained, pet-loving professionals who can’t wait to serve you and your pets. Each staff member works in a dedicated department and receives specific training for their position. From Reservation Specialists helping to plan your pet’s vacation to the Activities Counselors playing with your pet and the Lodging Techs serving meals and providing clean accommodations, we all have a part in making you and your pet’s experience meet all your expectations.

Do I need to pack food?

We serve high quality NutriSource dog food that’s easy on even the most sensitive stomach. Unless your pet has allergies, we recommend our high quality food. If you do decide to bring your pet’s own food, please be aware we cannot accept food containing bones. To ensure proper feeding we ask that client’s bringing their own food, keep the ingredients limited to or pre-mix all items in labeled ziplock bags per feeding. 

Do I need to pack bedding?

All rooms include soft, comfortable bedding on a raised bed, which we clean daily on-site. While you are able to bring your own blanket, it is not necessary and can only be used if it does not have foam or stuffing. No large beds as every item must be able to fit in our washing machine for sanitation.

How do you ensure my pet is safe and healthy?

Industry-leading safety and wellness systems keep all our guests healthy and protected. Pets are kept comfortable with year-round climate control and air filtration, while our facility and play yards are protected by 24/7 security and perimeter fencing. Additionally, our highly trained caregivers provide a comprehensive wellness check to our guests every day.

What vaccinations are required?

Your pet’s safety is always our first priority! Meadowlake works closely with local and national veterinarians to stay up to date on new information, trends and more. We require dogs to be up to date on their vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper), and Bordetella. While we do not require the CIV (canine flu) vaccine, we do highly recommend it. We always encourage all pet parents to discuss vaccinations with their preferred veterinarian to ensure your pet remains as safe, happy and healthy as possible.

How quickly do you book?

Meadowlake’s reputation and convenient locations mean that rooms tend to fill fast, especially for holidays and summer trips. We recommend calling as soon as you know what dates you need. You can secure a reservation with a card on file, but no payment is due at the time of reservation, with the exception of extended stays or Stay & Train programs.

Also Offering…..

Dog Daycare near Manvel, TX

Let Meadowlake’s dog daycare be the highlight of your furry friend’s day, promising an adventure-filled experience. Our renowned pet care experts ensure your dog remains lively, engaged, and utterly joyful throughout their stay. Understanding the significance of exercise for your dog’s well-being, our daycare services offer the perfect solution while you’re at work, providing entertainment under attentive supervision. Meadowlake Pet Resort presents outstanding daycare options at both our locations, offering a secure and delightful alternative to leaving your dog home alone.

At our 288 South site, your dog will relish a personalized, interactive, and exploratory day amidst 4 acres of lush greenery, complemented by a state-of-the-art splash pad for cooling off.

Meanwhile, our Galleria site offers a wide array of daycare services, focusing on early socialization and urban pet enjoyment.

Dog Training near Manvel, TX

Meadowlake understands the importance of a well-trained and content pup. Our team is dedicated to cultivating an environment where every dog feels encouraged to excel. Through the expertise of our trainers, we utilize positive reinforcement techniques coupled with patience and empathy, ensuring that every training session is a delightful experience for your furry companion.

For those seeking an immersive training opportunity, our Stay & Train programs offer intensive instruction while providing your dog with a comfortable stay at our resort. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to assist you and your dog in continuing your training journey at home.

  • Daily sessions by certified dog trainers in our spacious facility at our 288 South location.
  • Thorough 60-min Delivery Lesson to set up at-home success.
  • Access portal to view videos, homework & tips.
  • Daily housekeeping to keep your pet’s room clean, just like a human hotel!
  • Nutritious meals of Nutrisource lamb & rice food served twice daily.
  • Outdoor potty breaks provided up to 3 times daily.
  • Access to fresh & clean water via germ-resistant, sanitary bowls.

Dog Grooming near Manvel, TX

Our expert groomers specialize in providing grooming services tailored to suit the unique needs of your pet. With our modern dog spas and state-of-the-art grooming equipment, we strive to deliver efficient and enjoyable grooming sessions, ensuring your dog remains calm and stress-free throughout.

Beyond just achieving a fresh scent, our grooming sessions offer numerous advantages. Regular grooming promotes healthier skin and a lustrous coat, enhancing your pet’s overall appearance and comfort while ensuring they look and feel their best. We pay close attention to nail care, including trimming and filing, to maintain optimal length and prevent any discomfort or walking issues.

Explore our comprehensive dog grooming services available at both of our convenient locations:

  • Complete haircuts to style and maintain your dog’s appearance
  • Comprehensive dog washing for a clean, fresh feel
  • Deshedding treatments to reduce excess fur and minimize shedding
  • Treatments aimed at improving skin and coat health for a vibrant look
  • Dental care services, including teeth brushing, for oral hygiene
  • Nail care services, such as trimming and filing, for healthy paws

About Meadowlake Pet Resort

Meadowlake’s 288 South location opened its doors to pets in June 2009, marking the realization of Carroll Ray’s ambitious five-year plan to establish an unparalleled haven for pet care. With a vision to create a contemporary sanctuary staffed by caring and skilled professionals committed to the happiness and well-being of every pet, Meadowlake spans four picturesque acres. This pet care center offers a wide range of services, including comfortable accommodations, enjoyable daycare, expert grooming, and informative training. Its expansive play areas and cool splash pad provide the perfect backdrop for dogs to play and unwind.

November 2018 saw the expansion of Meadowlake Pet Resort with a new facility at 6393 Richmond Avenue, enriching services in the Houston area. This addition introduces snug accommodations, lively daycare for dogs and puppies, and meticulous grooming services. With a capacity to host up to 75 pets for daycare and nearly 150 for overnight stays, this location fulfills the desires of pet owners seeking premium care.

Featuring modern suite-style rooms with clear glass doors and options for families with multiple pets, it sets a new benchmark for luxury pet care. What binds both locations is our steadfast commitment to your pet’s safety, happiness, and comfort. Both sites boast top-level security and fire safety systems, accompanied by soothing background music, offering a serene atmosphere for our furry guests.


Come see us! We’re located just 13 miles away from Manvel.

  • Take Hwy 6 N and TX-288 N to State Hwy 288 N
  • Turn right to merge onto State Hwy 288 N/TX-288 N
  • Follow State Hwy 288 N to Almeda Genoa Rd in Houston
  • Take the Almeda Genoa Rd exit from State Hwy 288 N 6.9 mi
  • Turn right onto Almeda Genoa Rd 0.4 mi
  • Turn right onto Furman Rd 0.2 mi
  • Turn right 164ft
  • Turn left – Destination will be on the right.
  • Meadowlake Pet Resort – 288 South 13500 Furman Rd, Houston, TX 77047


“This was our very 1st experience with Meadowlake, leaving Junie for 6 nights. Jan, the Ops Mgr was very nice & understanding, working out my questions/issues beforehand & giving us the 1st night complimentary, as a new Customer, which was appreciated so much, with our limited budget. Gena was excellent @ intake & Junie took off with her, forgetting about us. This is definitely our go-to place whenever we need an extended stay for Junie, despite the price. Thank you to all the wonderful people @ Meadowlake.”

Curt S., Richmond, TX

About Manvel, Tx

Nestled in Brazoria County, Manvel is a charming city that perfectly blends small-town charm with modern amenities. With a rich history dating back to its founding in the late 19th century, Manvel has grown into a vibrant community known for its friendly residents, picturesque landscapes, and strong sense of community.

Originally established as a farming community, Manvel has evolved into a thriving city while still retaining its rural roots. One notable landmark is the Manvel Depot, a historic train station that served as a vital transportation hub for the area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The depot, originally built in 1909 by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway, played a significant role in Manvel’s development by facilitating the transportation of goods and passengers. Although no longer in active use, the Manvel Depot stands as a reminder of the city’s railroad heritage and is recognized as a symbol of its history.

About 13 miles from Manvel is Meadowlake Pet Resort, an esteemed destination renowned for its superior pet care services and deluxe amenities. From exceptional dog training to attentive daycare, boarding, and grooming services, Meadowlake Pet Resort is committed to providing a haven of comfort and security for your cherished companions. Our team of passionate professionals and modern facilities guarantee that every pet receives individualized care and pampering.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of Manvel and Houston and indulge in the unparalleled hospitality of Meadowlake Pet Resort, where your pets are embraced with love and affection.